Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lesson learned in Song of Blades and Heroes

I had a chance to play Song of Blades and Heroes last weekend at the game store.  HoldFast was kind enough to bring the rules, terrain, and warbands.  I took a group of Mage Knight elves against his mercenary band, Venom Inc. 

I started out very well, as all five of my figures had a high Quality rating.  Unfortunately, I misread my warband stats and thought they all had good combat ratings as well.  So I moved a couple of what I thought were C5 warriors, when they were actually C2 and C3.  They didn't last long, and I quickly lost three figures. The two survivors didn't flee off the board, but the leader soon met his doom, and the remaining figure called it a day.  I think it was my opponent's first win with the warband he was using. 

Still, it was a good time and a learning experience.  The lesson: pay attention to your stats, and don't bring your weaker characters into combat. 


Colgar6 said...

Or use your weaker characters to outnumber a foe before attacking :-) !

Bighara said...

Multiple C5s?! Jeepers! That would be a scary war band!

HoldFast said...

Yes, Q5 is bad, while C5 is good. Makes a big difference. Can't claim this battle as a true victory.