Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More games of X-Wing

I've been somewhat a DIY gamer for some time, never using minis that can be tied to any specific franchise, so I'm kind of surprised that I've gotten into the X-Wing minis game.  My brother bought it for me, and over Thanksgiving we sat down for a couple of games on his dining table. 
The first match was with squadrons of around 60 points.  No scenario, just a shoot-out.  I took the Imperials and he took the Rebels.  Since I'd had a few games under my belt since the last time we played, I was able to easily maneuver and take shots at the Alliance fighters without losing a single TIE fighter.
Since he also bought me the Millennium Falcon, for our final game we decided on four TIEs (OK, three TIEs and one TIE interceptor) versus Han and Chewie in the freighter .  The goal was for the Falcon to escape from the Death Star by travelling from one corner to the other without getting blown up.
I first tried a cheesy move to block his ship from moving.  That worked, but I was unable to get all my TIEs lined up for a shot.  Solo and the Wookie didn't have this problem, thanks to the Falcon's 360-degree firing arc.
The large ship's lack of evasion dice took its toll, but the ship can soak up a lot of damage, and ended up limping off the game board with just a single hull point remaining.
More recently, after my OGRE experience at the game store, I talked the guy who ran the demo and one of the participants into a game of X-Wing.  I got out all my miniatures for this battle.  Unfortunately, the OGRE guy had to leave, so I took his place behind the Empire fighters.
It quickly turned into a furball, and the Falcon (piloted by an Outer Rim Smuggler because Han cost too much points) soon got vaporized.
The Rebs wore down the Imps, especially with the tough B-Wing.  In the end, however, my experience with the game and the TIEs' numerical advantage won out.  I had a good time, but I'm wondering if the other player got frustrated.
I enjoy playing X-Wing, especially now that I've had some practice with the game.  Maybe someday soon I can play in a tournament.

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Teddy KGB said...

I can tell you I was frustrated with those damn dice!