Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gnoll what I'm talkin about

In my recent session of old-school Dungeons & Dragons, the adventurers came across a wounded gnoll.  I have a ton of prepainted minis that I'm using for the game (mostly from Heroscape), including orcs, goblins, and bugbears, but digging through the container, I couldn't find an actual gnoll. 

I proxied him with no problem, but I was on the lookout for a gnoll mini when I hit the game stores last weekend.  Reaper has a gnoll mini in its Bones line, but that figure was huge even compared to other heroic 28-30mm minis, so I passed on it.  Later, when I  came across these Mage Knight gnolls on eBay for a cheap price, I went ahead and grabbed them.  It was a good deal--and after all, that wounded gnoll may have friends.

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HoldFast said...

Hmm, my character is just a dumb fighter, but he gets the strange feeling we will fight some gnolls in the future.