Friday, January 10, 2014

HotT AAR: Space Invaders vs. Tyranids

My inaugural game for my Space Invaders army for Hordes of the Things was against a brand-new HotT player last week.  He brought a case full of Tyranids he uses for Warhammer 40,000, and I provided some stands for him to base his army. 
I ended up defending, so I got to use my stronghold.  I get a kick out of that little model of the arcade game.
I helped him come up with a force that included a Magician General (Hive Tyrant), Artillery (some kind of big, shooty 'Nid), two Knights (big critters with long claws), six Blades (Genestealers) and one Horde (Tyranids).
The game took quite awhile to finish, as his knights tore through my hordes of Space Invaders, and they reappeared at my stronghold.  The knights eventually made it to my base, but the Invaders kept repelling the onslaughts.
I tried to get my Airboat General (the saucer) to take on the enemy Magician General (with a little help from my Sneakers), but I was unable to defeat it. Eventually, my stronghold fell to an unsupported element of Knights.
The game went down to the wire, ensuring a good time for both the veteran and the rookie.  I gave him the spare bases he was using, so he could permanently, affix his minis to the stands.  I think we have a new HotT convert!


Colgar6 said...

A battle in which I would really like to see both sides lose :-) ! Sounds like the Space Invaders did as one might predict: returning time after time, just as quickly as they were killed.

pancerni said...

Quite a show! Glad you both had fun. And a new opponent?

Teddy KGB said...

Reminds me of the opening scene of Moneyball where it lists the Yankees Payroll verses the Oakland A's payroll.