Sunday, February 9, 2014

New edition of Hordes of the Things

Hordes of the Things is my favorite set of fantasy rules.  It's short,  simple (if precisely written), and allows you to build any army you want with any figures you have (even Space Invaders).  So I'm thrilled to learn that Wargames Research Group will soon be publishing a new edition of HotT (see the cover above, which was posted on the Yahoo group). 

Version 2.1 of the game will have some new army lists, but no major rule changes.  Still, I will be picking up at least two copies of the new book to show my support for the publisher.  And I'm also glad it's coming back into print since it will make it easy to respond to new players who ask where they can find a copy.


HoldFast said...

Joy! With the game back in publication, maybe we can draw In some more players! I think Blake wants to have the tournament at GuadaComaCon.

Colgar6 said...

Yee hah! Like you, I don't really need a new copy, but will probably buy one anyway to support the publisher.