Monday, February 10, 2014

X-Wing: Now with asteroids

I played another game of X-Wing last weekend, and at my friend's suggestion we placed asteroids on the map.  It was my first time playing the game with space debris, and I (playing the Rebels) only hit a space rock one time.  My opponent, who slammed a TIE fighter into one of the floating obstacles, remarked that it was true to the genre, as The Empire Strikes Back showed us that you should never take TIEs into an asteroid field.  These objects add tactical variety to the game, as you can use them to avoid opponents or to channel your foes a certain direction. 

My opponent flew a shuttle, Vader's advanced TIE, and three named TIE fighter pilots.  I ended up winning with my Alphabet Soup squad (A-wing, B-wing, X-wing, and Y-wing).  The game was fun overall, with both of us losing ships by carelessly planning maneuvers that took X-wing and his shuttle off the edge of the map.  I ended up winning with just my Y-wing and A-wing left.

I have the game mechanics down pretty good, so it's time to start playing some scenarios from the rules.


Ski said...

X-Wing is a damn fine game, and let it be know, I HATE asteroids!

Anonymous said...

That pesky Y-Wing survived again? The Force is strong in that one ;-)

Sean Robson said...

"Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1."

Desert Scribe said...

"Never tell me the odds!"