Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend HotT gaming

I'd hoped to run another session of D&D this weekend, but a gaming convention in Houston, illness, work, and other commitments left me with just one player on Saturday. So instead of bringing his D&D minis, Rickey brought over his army for Hordes of the Things and we had a go with those rules.
I brought out my Nightmare Legion, and my opponent set out his Order of the Scarlet Serpent, assembled from his existing historicals and a few new figures, such as a hydra for a Behemoth element and a mounted Pegasus as a Flyer.
He sent his cavalry straight at my Artillery and missile troops, who stood fast against the charge of the Riders.  They repulsed at least two charges from the horse troops.
Another element of Shooters lured the enemy Behemoth into some ruins, where hampered by the terrain it fell to the skeletal archers.
In the end, I destroyed 12 AP of my opponent's army without suffering a single loss.  It was a learning experience, and he told me that he now has a better idea of what to do with mounted troops in HotT.  I look forward to a rematch.


Colgar6 said...

12-0? Ouch! The minute I saw the bit about mounted troops charging shooters and artillery, I though that the outcome would be bad...

Desert Scribe said...

The Riders would have quick-killed the Artillery and the Shooters, if they had had better dice rolls. Instead, the skellies recoiled them at first and then destroyed them when they came back.