Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reluctantly crouched at the starting line ...

Last week a few of us from Lone Star Historical Miniatures got in a game of Circus Maximus. While originally a board game, this is one of those sets of rules that lends itself easily to minis play. There were just three of us, so we each took a pair of chariots for a two-lap race.
This game's not just about speed and driving skill--when passing someone, you can choose to ram their chariot or use your whip against the other team. Bumping another competitor can damage one or both chariots, and causes the target to fall back.
Of course, if you take damage there is a chance you'll wreck. During this race, each of my chariots received a little damage; to avoid flipping over, I just needed to avoid rolling snake eyes. So of course I rolled a two. Both times. One other driver crashed as well. The overturned chariots remained on the track as obstacles, while the horses kept galloping around the hippodrome.

This player-vs.-player aspect is fun, as you can improve your position in the race, or just screw over your opponent for fun.
We played on a large board, using 15mm minis. Below are three drivers in the time out area, after flipping their chariots and letting go of their horse teams (you can let the horses drag you across the finish line, but that's not advisable unless you're very close to the end of the race).
In the end, Joe, who had lost one of his chariots, finished first with his remaining racer. Circus Maximus is a fun game, especially on a large board. It's even better when you have a large number of competitors, like I've seen at Millenniumcon.
What other board games look good with minis?


Kaptain Kobold said...

Avalon Hill's 'Wooden Ships and Iron Men' looks good with miniature - 1/1200th ships fit nicely across two 1" hexes. Indeed I've never played the game any other way; I used to own it but never even punched the counters.

I used to like Circus Maximus but much prefer the 'pack/relative position' system of Two Hour Wargames 'Charioteer' now.

Bighara said...

They do a massive Circus Maximus event at Garycon every year. I've never played, though. The time commitment is too high, and it's so popular getting a slot is nigh-impossible!