Saturday, January 21, 2012

We interrupt this starship campaign ...

... to bring you another miniatures bargain from Half-Price Books:
Last fall at the used bookstore, I started eying this Warhammer introductory boxed set as a source for Hordes of the Things miniatures, but I didn't snap it up at the time.  It was still on the shelf around Thanksgiving, and I thought about snagging it during Half-Price's post-Turkey Day sale (an extra 40% off), but I didn't feel like leaving the house on Black Friday.  There was another sale after Christmas, but the game was gone.  So I was pleasantly surprised to stop by HPB on the way home from work yesterday and fine this box back among the merchandise.  I didn't want to let opportunity slip away again, so I took it to the cash register.
But before I bought it, I went through the box with the cashier to make sure nothing was missing.  As you can see, the package holds a lot of stuff, including dice, cardboard buildings, measuring sticks--and 88 miniature figures, the real reason I wanted this game.  After sorting through everything with the helpful store employee, it turned out that while all the miniatures and dice were there, the game was missing a couple of booklets: the Warhammer Rulebook and the Warhammer Battle Book.  Since the game was incomplete, the clerk was nice enough to knock the price down from $75 to $30.  That's 34 cents per figure!

So now I've got enough figures for two complete HotT armies:
  • 12 Bretonnian Knights
  • 24 Bretonnian Bowmen
  • 20 Lizardmen Saurus
  • 32 Lizardment Skinks
More stuff to paint, but I'm not complaining.  By the way, which elements should I base these as?  The Bretonnians are easy: base the knights as Knights and mount the bowmen as Shooters.  I'm thinking the Skinks would make good Hordes elements, but what about the Saurus?  Blades, or Warband?  Or something else?  I also need to hit the dollar store for some toy dinosaurs to use as mounts.  Add another project to the to-do list.


Norman Harman said...


CPBelt said...

Tell me about being jealous! At the thrift shop yesterday, I picked up several 25mm Armory 1985 fantasy figures for .25 each. Ok, that doesn't compare. Rats! I am so jealous! LOL

Seriously, that is a nice deal. I don't play WHFB, preferring Warmaster or simple skirmish. So I have no idea about basing.

Zanazaz said...

Nice acquisition. You need to find a nice triceratops for a behemoth. That's a unit type in HoTT correct? Been a while since I read the rules.

Malcadon said...

I tend to find used games in good-condition at thrift stores, like Dragon Strike, Outdoor Survival, Hero Scape, Battle Masters, Star Wars Epic Duals, etc.

Chip Aaron said...

Nice find, thats a big box o' stuff! Would love to see a Lizardman army in our group...

For the Saurus, I originally thought i would use them as Blade or Spear, but since they are from the jungles of Lustria, you might consider classing them as Warband so they would NOT be affected by rough terrain. The Skinks can be shooters as IIRC they are mostly armed with bow or javelins (or even blowguns maybe). If you want Hordes you could find yourself some of the Jungle Swarms (lizards and snakes) and base them up all together...

FWIW this is the GW-to-HotT list I usually fall back on, taken from a long time ago (unfortunately I no longer have the credit info):

Lizardman Army:
Magician General – Slann Mage priest
Magicians – Slann or Skink Shamen
Blades – Saurus Temple Guards
Spears – Saurus Warriors
Shooters – Skink Warriors
Riders – Cold One Rider
Behemoth – Stegadon
Behemoth – Unit of Kroxigor
Flyers – Terradons
Artillery – Salamanders
Beasts – Serpent and/or Lizard swarms