Saturday, March 26, 2016

OGRE products update

In case anyone was wondering what's coming up in the world of new OGRE products, here's what I've been able to glean from various sources, along with some rank speculation:

What: Small expansions for OGRE Designer's Edition containing new scenarios, new rules, new unit counters, and terrain overlays. Information on these is restricted to Kickstarter backers only, so I don't have much. The ones I know of are:
     Black Mamba Down (perhaps includes Ranger counters from the assault pack preview)
     Operation Rubicon (reportedly includes "Troll" unit and self-propelled gun)
     Rise of the Golem (maybe referring to Israeli cybertanks?)
     Storm Dragon (anyone have any idea?)
When: Not scheduled
How much: Unknown

What: Large expansion to ODE promised as part of the Kickstarter campaign. Will have two new map (G-3 and S-3), one counter sheet (including one new 3-D unit--probably the Ninja), and scenarios.
When: They say late 2016
How much: Under $65

What: Standalone game in Designer's Edition scale with only the oriingal OGRE map and rules, with counters in new colors. Will include at least one new scenario, GEV Screen.
When: They say summer or fall of 2016
How much: Trying for $49.95

POCKET GEV (speculative)
What: Pocket sized edition of the sequel to compliment Pocket Ogre. No telling if this will actually be produced, but I have some suggestions on the counter mix.
When: Not scheduled
How much: Probably around $10 or $11

Anybody else excited about these new products? I plan on buying the expansions, but probably not the new OGRE box.

If you have any more information on any of these--especially the Assault Packs--please let me know.


 Ashley said...

Like you I keep an eye on what's supposed to be coming out.

You know SJG really could have gone plastic for the miniatures - DP9 shows it can be done, and it would have resulted in a smaller lighter ODE.

Desert Scribe said...

While plastic minis would have been nice, I think ODE works fine with the counters, and transport is a lot more simple. These days, I only use the minis on my huge hex map with 3-D terrain.