Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monopolis at MillenniumCon

MillenniumCon 19, the wargame convention in Round Rock, Texas, will take place the weekend of November 11, 2016. I will be running my Ogre scenario, the Siege of Monopolis, on Saturday the 12th. You have till the end of the month to register and sign up for games, including mine. Here's the description of my scenario, taken from the convention event list:
The peaceful City of Monopolis rises above the rubble of the Last War, a gleaming center of commerce and industry. But no peace lasts forever. Now invaders march to conquer the city while outnumbered defenders scramble to protect their home. This is a custom scenario for Ogre Designer's Edition, using the official Ogre miniatures (and a few original units) on a large hex mat with 3-D terrain. With room for up to 8 players, you and your friends can aid in the defense of the besieged city--or help the invaders conquer it. Fight in the Siege of Monopolis!
If you're interested in MillCon, you have till the end of the month to register for the convention online and sign up for games. But act quickly; all the events fill up fast, and half the spots in my Monopolis game are already spoken for. Even if you're not interested in Ogre, let me know if you're going to the convention. I would love a chance to meet some of the folks who read this blog.


Gonsalvo said...

Looks great! Good luck with the game!

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Gonsalvo! Wish you could make it. There are some historical games you might be interested in.