Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Monopolis points of interest

Not everything in Monopolis is photogenic, but it's all vital to the functioning of this 22nd century urban center.
This power generator complex is part of the Electric Company that keeps the lights on throughout the city.
The Water Works treats waste runoff and purifies river water to meet the city's H2O needs.
Monopolis Stadium hosts all sorts of sporting events, including Dreadball, Slaughterball, and Battleball.
Izzinanutter Castle is still home to a minor Ruritanian noble house, but most of this palace is now used as a museum.
The Túpharr Bridge one of two main crossings over the Monopolis River.
The Reading Railroad is another span that crosses the waterway.
Ghódurek Lítu Jail is a necessary facility, even in the eary 2100s.
Riveside dock facilities receive cargo and freight from all over the region.
The goods have a brief stay in warehouses until they are shipped to their final destination.
Chemicals are also stored and stockpiled at the Tank Farm.
These raw materials come together in the many manufacturing facilities around the city contributing to the economy of the entire region.

Monopolis. Advance to GO!


Gonsalvo said...

Many great tiuches there!

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks Gonsalvo! I've had to restrain myself from buying more monopoly pieces to make additional scenery.