Saturday, October 29, 2016

Don't forget to register for MillenniumCon

MillenniumCon is less than two weeks away, and you can still register and sign up for games until Monday at midnight. As of Saturday afternoon, there was only one player opening left for my Siege of Monopolis game. However, for those attending the convention who wanted to play some Ogre and didn't sign up, stop by the table in case we have some no-shows, and we can try to get you a seat at the game--or maybe you can play some reinforcements.

We have room for eight players, and it would be great to have even more show up. Or if you're not interested in playing, there are all sorts of great historical, fantasy, and sci-fi games at this convention. Either way, feel free to come by and check out the setup. Hope to see you at MillCon, whatever games you're interested in.



Scribe, have you seen this?

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks. Saw that, but I've got more than enough Ogre minis right now.