Monday, April 30, 2018

A trip to Muspelheim

Recently the Heritors exploring the Ghost Archipelago heard of a possible mapstone located on a volcanic island far to the south, called Muspelheim. The mapstone was found in the body of the fire giant Surtr, who dwelled in the volcano, surrounded by the Sons of Muspel.
This was a scenario I came up with and ran for our group recently. There were three players (my warband sat out since I was running the game). While Surtr didn't leave the volcano, the Sons quickly set out to drive off the trespassers. And while Surtr remained on the mountain, he threw fireballs at the approaching crews, fireballs that ignited into fire demons if they missed their target.
Players also summoned some wandering creatures through spells, and the critters joined the Sons in attaching crew members. The Pool spell did take the steam out of the Sons of Muspel, who didn't get along very well in water.
While some crews engaged the Sons in hand-to-hand combat, it didn't go well for them.
Perhaps it was smart of them to keep their distance from Surtr himself, who was very powerful in combat. Instead, the crews volleyed arrow after arrow into the fire giant, finally bringing him down from afar.
I enjoyed getting these minis out on the table, and it was a good time running the scenario.


chris said...

Looks like a good scenario with a proper goal. But sounds like you need a bit more than a starting out crew, which is nice. Love the sons of Mus, reaper bones?

Don M said...

Agreed good scenario, need more troops....)

Brad Ncube said...

What game is this..?

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks y'all! The Son are actually Heroclix minis--a character called Zzzax.

Hey, Brad! We're playing Ghost Archipelago, a skirmish game/RPG lite with a campaign system. It's based on Frostgrave, if you've heard of that.

Gonsalvo said...

Looks like a hot time in the archipelago! :-)