Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Your monthly Monopolis game

We're coming up on this month's Ogre game, so it's time for a report on last month's Ogre game. The scenario was a counterstrike by the besieged Monopolis defenders, who sallied forth to take out the besiegers' command post and supply depot. I actually got to play in this game instead of just referee. My opponent was someone who had seen us playing a couple months ago and expressed interest.
Despite having revetments, the besiegers (a group of mercs calling themselves the Ravagers, whom the main attacking force despises) lost two light artillery pieces and nearly half an infantry company when the Monopolis Volunteer Militia opened up with its artillery on the outskirts of the city. The bombardment was the signal for the city's GEVs to make for their targets. Unfortunately, the Ravagers took out more than a third of the counterattackers, losing just one heavy tank in the process.
The tables quickly turned, however, as the Militia destroyed the attackers' supply dump. No more hot meals on this side of town. With casualties mounting, the city forces fell back, leaving the command post up and running. Meanwhile, the Ravagers headed toward the city, hoping to destroy the Monopolis artillery or laser tower with their own mobile howitzers.
While the besiegers did take out the laser tower, they were unable to destroy the city's howitzers and took casualties among their heavy armor--losing all three superheavy tanks and another platoon or so of heavies, along with one of their mobile howitzers. They wore down the defenders' infantry and GEVs in the process.
In the end, the attackers had to fall back as the city's reinforcements were due to arrive (the scenario ended after six turns). With the attackers losing a supply depot but retaining their CP, and both sides suffering massive armor losses, I called the battle a draw. But I got to play, and I got to get another player to the table, so I consider the evening a win.


CounterFett said...

Another great game! I always look forward to your Monopolis reports!

Maj. Guiscard said...

These batrep are great. I agree with CounterFett, I look forward to seeing the monthly trials and tribulations of Monopolis!

Desert Scribe said...

Thank you both! I need to get the most recent one posted.