Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ogre AAR: Recovering a Relic

I'm getting later and later with these battle reports, but I don't care, 'cause it means I'm doing a lot of gaming on a regular basis. This game involved two sides fighting to recover an immobilized Ogre from a long-forgotten battle.
Have your tried turning it off and back on again?
The dormant Mark III-B sitting in between the two opposing forces would have to either be hauled out or field-repaired and driven away.
Typical weekday morning commute on I-35 in Austin.
But before that could happen, the two sides sped down the freeway to beat on each other in what would turn into a very bloody battle.
To recover the prize, the attackers (gray army) had combat engineer infantry. The defenders (green army) also had an OGREcovery vehicle, in a nice construction orange shade.
Meanwhile, the freeway firefight devolved into overrun combat, which cut the road. I use the round markers to indicate destroyed units. They're made from adhesive stickers attached to one-cent coins and spraypainted brown and black. One of my regular players, Wes, christened these tokens "death pennies."
This roadside brawl left a lot of units from each side destroyed, as you can see by all the dead unit markers.
But each side kept shoving in more tanks, hoping to swing the battle.

Meanwhile, across the road, the attacking force's combat engineers showed up to try to get the prize Ogre headed back toward their lines.
These forces were aided by a recon UAV, which gave friendlies a +1 to attack rolls against all targets within two hexes of the aircraft. The downside: the drone has a defense of 0--an automatic hit by anything in range.
Although the OGREcovery unit doesn't have cannon, it has a couple of manipulator arms to pull vehicles onto its flatbed and drive off. It also has some AP guns to drive away infantry.
Unfortunately for the big orange vehicle, the enemy infantry attacked its arms--meaning it couldn't get the Ogre on board.
And the death pennies continued to stack up on the opposite side of the highway, depleting both sides' forces.
Eventually, though, the attackers prevailed, and the green army was driven from the field.
With gray infantry in control of the field, and the recovery unit's antipersonnel weapons taken out, it was time to call the game for the attackers, who won the prize.
Another good game in the books.
Looking forward to more Ogre battles.


 Ashley said...

Nice scenario, and given me an idea for a story too.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Ashley! Always glad when I can provide inspiration.

Marcus Heinous said...

Steel wool for smoke... brilliant. That's bloody brilliant.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Marcus, but it's not my original idea--I probably read about it on The Miniatures Page.