Saturday, June 30, 2018

Galactic Knights battle report

Spaceships! It's been a long time since I had a space battle. Last month, I played in a three-way match with a couple of members from our gaming group using the Galactic Knights rules.
I had a trio of Aquarian ships: Two Barracuda-class cruisers (the Ann Wilson and the Nancy Wilson) and a Shark-class battlecriser (the Jaws).
Joseph had his kitbashed his three Terran craft: the Ranger-class cruisers Lober and Sally-May and the Formidable-class battlecruiser Trumter.
Finally, Wes took the Entomalian Wasp-class destroyer, the Hornet of Viria; and two battlecruisers--the Scorpion-class Nemesis; and the Roach-class Minerva.
Not much of a scenario; just the three squadrons stumbling into each other as they explored an asteroid field. As I set myself up between the other two players, my small fleet quickly came under fire from Terran missiles and fighters.
I wanted to share the love, so I split my attacks between the Terrans (beam weapons) and the Entomalians (missiles).
The humans pressed the attack, and my amphibians could not repel firepower of that magnitude, and I lost the Nancy Wilson.
The battle continued, with the insectoids drifting close to my battlecruiser as we traded shots.
The same thing was happening with the Terrans and my remaining destroyer. While I scored some hits, I didn't take out any opponent's ship.
My squadron commander knew he was beat, and he ordered his two vessels to make their way out of the asteroid field. In the end, the other fleets were somewhat damaged, but still battleworthy. If neither one of them outright won, they did tie in defeating me. But I didn't mind--because spaceships!


Gonsalvo said...

Good to see the Galactic Knights ships and rules on the tabletop again; I need to do the same!

pahoota said...

Serendipity! I knew I had some free time this weekend and had planned to set up the table for the first time in years. Great to see a table full of ships on your blog again DS!

Maj. Guiscard said...

Although I have some fleets, I've never played. I'll have to get up tho Austin for a teching game (or nine), if you're willing.

Desert Scribe said...

Gonsalvo, I'm looking forward to seeing your GK battle report.

pahoota, thanks--and let's see some pics of yours in action.

Major, I'm definitely up for it! Let's figure out a time.