Tuesday, January 22, 2019

More Gaslands vehicles

A car and pickup for Gaslands or Axles and Alloys, made from dollar store die-cast vehicles and some spare bits from other toys or minis.
I drilled out the rivets holding these vehicles together, stripped the paint, added some spare parts, and then sprayed them a nice blue color and washed them with a black ink/paint/water mix.
The car, Jake, comes equipped with a machine-gun turret, a manipulator arm, and a spotlight. I sprayed the inside of the windows black before I glued everything together.
The truck, Elwood, has some sort of big, sci-fi gun in a turret over the cab, and a spotlight on the hood.
It's windows were already tinted, so I just detailed the big gun on top. I also glued the wheels so they don't turn--that way I don't have to worry about my gaming minis rolling across the table if it gets bumped.
These vehicles were a lot easier to finish than my first two Gaslands trucks, which each had miniature figures posed on them.
I realize that these are not your typical wasteland warrior vehicles, but I figure there are still pockets of civilization out there, making and maintaining new (or newish-looking) cars and trucks.
The completion of this second pair means I have enough vehicles for some team battles or scenarios from the Gaslands rulebook. Maybe the next bunch will look more post-apocalyptic.


The Happy Whisk said...

Love the blue! Happy 2019 and Hello to your honey bunny from me. Has she come back to blogging yet?

Maj. Guiscard said...

This is such a cool project. As a game that allows players to run free with their imagination, it seems to be right in your wheelhouse.

flashcove said...

Looks great. Also, gluing the wheels jeeps other players from going 'vroom, vroom!"

Desert Scribe said...

Hey, Whisk! Thanks for the comment, and I will tell my wife you asked about her. Unfortunately, she hasn't had any blogging inspiration lately.

Thanks again, Major! Y'know, this game can be converted to 28mm scale by upsizing the movement and shooting templates ....

Thanks, flashcove! But even with the wheels immobile, I still go "vroom, vroom!"