Friday, June 24, 2011

Because I have no self-control, that's why!

Why, oh why, did I buy more spaceship minis?
I picked up another metric crapload of minis on ebay, including the 14 packages of Stardate: 3000 ships pictured above.  In addition to various Earth ships, including some I didn't have before, the lot includes some of the alien ships as well.  Still deciding on a paint scheme. 
Any idea of which line of miniatures these ships are from?
Not only that, but I also won an auction of a dozen ships from another fleet--which fleet, I have no idea.  (EDIT: RavenFeast has identified these as Star Raiders from Garrison Miniatures.  Thanks, RF!)  I like the design of these guys, but I hate the bright red paint job, so this batch is headed for a Pine-Sol bath sometime soon.  Not sure how I'll end up painting them, either.  Any color scheme suggestions, for either the Stardate 3000 ships or the red guys?


RavenFeast said...
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RavenFeast said...

Yes, It's a disease. How do I know? Here's the identity of your mystery ships:

Garrison Miniatures - SCR 1, 2 & 3.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, RavenFeast! Do you own some of these minis?

edowar39 said...

I like those ships, too. As for a color scheme, how about some type of jungle camoflouge pattern. While it doesn't make sense for ships to have a camo pattern in space, it would look cool and give them a more 'predatory' aspect, imo.

Ed Green

Sean Robson said...

You can never have too many starships!

RavenFeast said...

DS - Yes, a small fleet of Arachnids. SCA 1, 2 & 3. Good folks to do business with, too.