Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Federation battleship

Still on a painting spree, I finally finished up the last of the Star Frontiers ships I acquired some time ago, a Federation battleship.
Of course, in my games this vessel was decommissioned as a fighting ship and joins the rest of my transport fleet as a cargo hauler.
Unlike my other Fed BB, which only has seven of its original eight engines, this model has the complete set of thrusters.
The completion of this ship bring me to an even dozen large Star Frontiers ships, in addition to the SF freighter and scouts.
Add to that the three Stardate: 3000 spaceships I also have painted, and I think I don't need to buy any more minis for use as transports.  At least until I spy another bargain on eBay ...


Scott said...

How are you going to base this monster? I have one too, but I don't like the old 'base' that comes with it.

Desert Scribe said...

You can see part of the base in the top photo. It's nails, a wooden disc, and fender washers. Check out the blog entries under "basing" for more details.

Don M said...

Very nice work! I still have 4
or 5 box sets of Sathar to do
up yet,I'm mixing in some other ships from varrious makers and backgrounds to round out the fleet...)