Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another con I won't make

The North Texas RPG Convention starts this weekend, but I will miss out.  Although I didn't see any miniatures games, it looks like there will be plenty of old-school roleplaying events.

There will also be some big names from the early days of the industry--guys whose names appeared on the covers of some memorable games: Erol Otus, Frank Mentzer, and Jim Ward, to name a few.

I'm particularly jealous because I know some of our local gamers will be rolling dice in Irving.  All of you bloggers who are attending, I'd love to see some updates from the convention floor (or just leave a comment here).

Hopefully, next year I will be able to attend.  I wonder if Starfleet Wars is sufficiently old school to get me a table ...


Don M said...

I've not done any RPGs in years...I need my minis...)

leadjunkie said...

Too bad you did not make it to NTRPG Con. It was great, as always. I did run the one and only miniatures game that they allowed. I did the Hobbit's Battle of Five Armies (Battle of Lonely Mountain) with the venerable Chainmail rules. I hope to have photos posted on the NTRPG Con forum when I get a computer bug fixed.

I am interested in your con, especially your Starfleet Wars game.

Desert Scribe said...

LJ, let us know if you plan on coming down to New Braunfels, and I'll save a spot for you at the Starfleet Wars table.

Can't wait to see photos of the Chainmail game. Let us know once they're up.