Thursday, September 29, 2011

Monkeys & mayhem

Last week Ed the THW Guy blogged about the aftermath of a combat we played out using the rules for 5150: New Beginnings.  I generated a character (mercenary/bounty hunter) who landed a job retreiving a certain item on behalf of a trophy wife.  It was supposed to be a simple exchange, but the monkeys who supposedly had the mcguffin tried a double-cross.  Combat ensued, and I remembered to take a couple of photos during the firefight.
Here's my Star (green) and his group: Ace & Duce (the twins in blue) and Sparx (in grey).  They managed to get the drop on the quartet of uplifted simians who tried to mess the hardworking bounty hunter around, wounding three and chasing off the other one.  They snatched the downed leader and escaped in the van before the cops arrived, letting a gang of Hishen who happened to be walking by take the rap for the shootings.
Fun game, interesting background, quick play, and its way of generating encounters leads to some great storytelling based on what the dice give you.  I'm looking forward to finding out just what that monkeyboy knows ....

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Mik said...

I just picked up Star Army, but New Beginnings is what I'm really excited about. Looking forward to more Batreps here.