Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Starships: treasure fleet

I haven't posted any starship pictures in a long time, but that's because I hadn't painted any more ships recently.  Well that changed this weekend, so here's my latest batch of spaceship minis:
These ships were part of my massive score of several boxed sets and some blister packs from Half-Price Books.  I'm just happy to get some of my accumulated loot painted.
These vessels were originally pirate frigates from the Star Frontiers/Knight Hawks game.  I might use them as such for my games, or they might serve as more cargo vessels--maybe special ships carrying back loot on an annual basis.  Call it the Slannish Treasure Fleet.
Despite the deep-space environment of these craft, they have a design element much different than other ships in the Star Frontiers range.  They wouldn't look out of place in War Rocket.  I'd even call it a steampunk asthetic.
In an acknowledgement of that Victorian machinery vibe, I decided to paint these ships with a metallic look that gave the impression of tarnished brass.
I drybrushed these guys with three colors (all Folk Art brand): First, metallic antique copper.  Next, metallic copper.  Finally, metallic Inca gold.
I also finished up a trio of Federation frigates to join my civilian transport fleet.  Hey, a privateer can never have too many merchant targets ...
Have a great Sunday!

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Mike Slade said...

Very nice usage of the old Star Frontiers Minis. Like the paint jobs alot. Your very fortunate to have a store like that near you, that chain isn't in any of the states near me.