Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Starships: Monday Edition

I messed up in my posting yesterday, so this edition of Sunday Starships is going up on Monday.  This week's featured ships are Pirate Assault Scouts from the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks range of spaceship minis.  These were part of my previous acquisitions from a local used bookstore.
I think this style of spaceship goes very well with the vessels in my Flying Roadshow, so I started out painting them the same way: white primer, brushed on metallic pearl white, and metallic gunmetal gray wash.  Instead of detailing with another metallic, this time I just picked out a couple of areas on each ship in a bright primary color.
One problem with the primer, it went on really gritty and grainy--and it even started coming off as dust when I handled the primed minis.  I don't think it was the temperature/humidity--I sprayed some other ships black at the same time, and they came out all right.  However, once I brushed on the pearl over the white primered ships, they looked fine, and the wash did a good job bringing out the details (although they're washed out by the flash in these pics).
The size and style of these ships doesn't really fit in with most of the Superior Models/Monday Knight ships in my collection, but I think they will work as civilian passenger shuttles.  They also would work great in War Rocket, if I ever get to play that game again.
I'm happy with the way these came out, and I'm encouraged by the fact that the wash did such a good job showing of the detailing on these models.  I'm gonna have to leave my safety zone of drybrushing to try experimenting with wash techniques more often. 

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Mike Slade said...

Very nice, one of the guys I game with supplemented his Knight Hawk ships with these:

He uses them as a different faction.