Friday, November 25, 2011

Another vintage Starfleet Wars review

I recently came across another old article on the Starfleet Wars line of miniature starships, which I had overlooked when I composed my original post on vintage SfW reviews.  So here's one more take on this old range of spaceships from back in the day.

Dragon #51 (July 1981)
In the regular miniatures review column, "Figuratively Speaking," author Bill Fawcett notes the clean castings and amount of detail on the Starfleet Wars minis.
... The Terran ships are obviously drawn from Star Wars ship types, and these figures beg to be used with any rules which recreate the battles from those movies. 

The other fleets (Entomalian, Avarian, Aquarian, and Carnivorian) have a great diversity in styling, making the members of each fleet stand out from one another.
The reviewer notes just one weakness--something I've touched upon as well--that the ships' undersides hold just as much detail as their topsides.

Bonus review: The same column examines the Stardate: 3000 line of miniatures, noting they're "generally original in design, with only a passing resemblance to the Star Trek and Star Wars-style ships. ... The detail is well-done, castings are generally clean, and the parts fit together properly."

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