Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Starships: Privateers

I finally painted up the last of the starships in the Star Frontiers privateers boxed set I scored in last summer's Half-Price Books miniatures find (you can find the rest of the painted privateers here).
These are about twice as large as the other spacecraft in the privateers set, but thematically they blend in just fine.  The streamlining makes them suitable for atmospheric missions, while they have enough engine capacity to perform deep-space tasks as well.
These craft could probably serve as Class II or Class III vessels for War Rocket.  In Galactic Knights or Starfleet Wars, I can use them as in-system defense or local police, or just civilian targets/objectives.
Now that I'm done with the privateers, I need to paint up the Sathar ships my wife picked up for me.  Not sure what paint scheme, but I think I want to go multicolor.  It will have to wait till after Thanksgiving, though.
 Oh, and here's some pics of each ship by itself.  First, the Condor Class:
 Next, we have the Moonlight Stinger:
Finally, the Rollo's Revenge:
Hope you enjoyed these, and thanks for stopping by.


Don M said...

Nice to see some starships here agin! Always liked these Star Frontiers ships. I still have to build and paint my Sathar and Gorn
and some others to go with them as

scottsz said...

I was never a huge fan of Star Frontiers, but always loved those ships.

I'd love to see the War Rocket guys do a line of those beautiful SF ships...