Saturday, November 19, 2011

Texas HotT championship

Photo courtesy Lone Star Historical Miniatures.  Click here for more con pics.
Although I missed Millennium Con this year, I did want to share the results from the Hordes of the Things tournament that took place last weekend at the miniatures gaming convention in Round Rock.  Here are the results, courtesy of tourney organizer Blake Radetzky:
This past weekend we held the Texas State Championship tournament for 40mm Hordes of the Things.
Our new Texas Champion is: Mark Leroux with his Sons of Liberty army
Tournament Shakedown
  1. Mark Leroux - Sons of Liberty - 28 pts
  2. Warren Jackson - Persian Epic - 25 pts
  3. Cameron Radetsky - Orcs - 16 pts
  4. Chip Aaron - Hobgoblins of Dragon Claw - 14 pts
The final round between Mark and Warren was a close run affair, the Sons of Liberty had destroyed 10pts worth of the Persian Epic army and was on the brink of winning the final game, however, a Persian Hero finally assualted the Sons of Liberty headquarters and captured it thus winning the game. But the bonus of +6 pts and winning the game was not enough points to pull ahead of Mark in total victory points.
Congratulations to everyone that participated.
Way to go, HotT gamers!  I regret not being able to attend the game convention myself, but I at least survived the event I did participate in last weekend.  Hopefully, I can make it to Millennium Con next year, or to ChimaeraCon this April.  I want to play some Hordes of the Things!

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