Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From the vault

In the spirit of Oldhammer, I thought I'd trot out some venerable figures of mine that I bought some twenty-mumble years ago--back when Games Workshop was fresh on the shores of the USA and everything Citadel was new and wonderful.
These are a couple of Blood Bowl ogres, but since at the time I didn't play Blood Bowl but was building a large Imperial Army for 40K, I decided to convert these for use as a squad of Ogryn, which were part of the Army list at the time (this was in the days before Codexes (Codeci?).
I never fielded these on the game table; hell, I never even finished painting them--but I am happy with how the boltguns look in their hands, with the Ogryn holding those weapons like pistols.  I'm not sure: should I ebay these guys, or figure out how to use them in my current gaming?  What would you do?


Allandaros said...

Start a new Imperial Guard force. Or Imperial Army, rather.

MIK said...

I would paint them up for sure, then use 'em as big, thuggish spaceport, um, thugs.

Tony said...

"this was in the days before Codexes (Codeci?)"

I think you are looking for Codices