Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Star Navy solo play example

I decided to play a quick solo game of 5150: Star Navy, using the campaign rules for Pirates.  I decided to make it challenging, so I took a Class 3 ship (the smallest available).  Rolling on the table in the Pirate fleet list resulted in a Marauder with a Rep of 4.  This ship class has two Shield units, but only one Guns system.  To make up for the lack of long-range weaponry, it sports a Missile Launcher system as well.

Christening my new vessel the Dlobok, I begin my life of piracy in a system in the Third Ring.  My ship starts near the planet, and I randomly generate 3 PEFs (possible enemy forces) fairly nearby.  Rolling for activation, I move first, to investigate the closest PEF.  Rolling on the Contact table, I learn there's something there.  After a couple more rolls, I discover my prey is a lone Gaea Prime Merchant--a Class 4 Tanker to be specific.  Probably won't have much valuable cargo, but it's my first mission, so I'm ready to go!
After determining ship placement, I find the two craft start the battle facing each other from six feet across the table.  Since I don't feel like getting out the star mat and minis for a one-on-one battle, I decide to handwave the many turns it would take my pirate ship to catch the fleeing merchant with half the thrust of my own vessel.  I don't bother with resolving guns at this point, because the Marauder doesn't have enough firepower to punch through the Tanker's shields.  Once it gets into missile range, however, the pirate can do some damage. 

Finally, the pursuer closes in on the slower merchant ship and launches a volley from its missile system.  Surprisingly, the clumsy Tanker manages to lumber out of the way, dodging the missile (a targeted ship must roll less than its Thrust rating on two dice to avoid a missile; I rolled snake eyes for this civilian ship, easily under its Thrust of 2).  Right about now, I realize I forgot to check to see if the Merchant was able to call for help.  Some more rolling, and the Help Is On The Way table tells me a Class 4 Cruiser is coming to investigate!

My captain immediately decides discretion is the better part of valor, and breaks off the fight.  Although there's a chance that combat maneuvers might cause damage a ship that was untouched during the battle, that doesn't happen to the Dlobok, and its crew lives to fight another day.

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Collin Schrader said...

Ah! Solo play sounds great! I'd love to read another solo session report post. Maybe it will be more eventful next time? :)