Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Starships: Star Navy playtest

As I mentioned last week, I got in a game of 5150: Star Navy with my brother.  I'm going over the manuscript right now, but I need a break.  So as promised, here are some details of that Star Navy playtest.
My brother decided to take a four-ship squadron of the simian Zhuh-Zhuh from the 5150 universe.  Rolling on the tables we had at the time, he ended up with three heavy cruisers and a destroyer.  He named them the Kong, Clyde, Heston, and Curious George.
I elected to take a money-grubbing Free Company as his opponents.  Using the campaign rules, he rolled for the number of ships opposing, which was two more than his squadron.  I rolled a battleship (the Big Bank), two heavy cruisers (Branch Bank and Depository), a light cruiser (ATM), and two frigates (Teller and Cashier) as the enemy squadron.
The Free Company activated first, and my heavy cruisers swiftly taking out his destroyer as he tried to get between my forces to the other side of the board.  The Zhuh-Zhuh retaliated by scragging one of my frigates.  My battleship took out one of his heavy cruisers with additional fire damaging his other two before he elected to depart the battlefield. 
Rolling on the after the battle table, one of his ships was repaired and ready to go, but the other was out of commission for three months.  The whole thing probably took about 45 minutes to an hour, including preparing the ship rosters.  I hope this gives you an idea of the style of play for Star Navy.  It's a game that plays quick and has a pretty cool campaign system. 

Now, back to editing!

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Jason said...

That after battle rolling thing sounds interesting. I'm guessing he won't be able to use that one ship for a while, right?