Thursday, March 6, 2014

The suburbs of Monopolis

I'm gonna need more than just office buildings to complete my large-hex city for OGRE, so I acquired several score hotels and houses from various Monopoly games, including a couple of variants. 

The standard buildings from the original game make for some nice, conventional suburbs for the city of Monopolis.  In addition to these plastic pieces, I have some wooden markers as well.  Their slightly different size will add some variation to this bedroom community.
I don't know which version of Monopoly these pastel pieces came from, but they'll make a nice section of town as well, especially once they're painted.  I also plan to mix these in with the regular houses and hotels, for some variety to the 'burbs.  A coat of light-colored spray paint, and they'll all blend together nicely.
And since a lot of the battles in OGRE/GEV scenarios are set in Europe, I figure there will probably still be a few castles around, with some older architecture homes.  These bits came from a Disney edition of Monopoly.  Alternatively, I could plunk one of these palaces in with some other game pieces I've seen on EBay to create an amusement park.
Now I need to order some four-inch hexes, then I can start assembling the terrain for the city of Monopolis.


Malcadon said...

Yeah, I do the same with Battletech. I would use the green houses for Light level-0 buildings, and the red hotels for Light or Medium level-1 buildings. I also have some glassy houses from the Pokemon Monopoly game that I use for additional types of level-1 buildings.

Colgar6 said...

Some excellent opportunities for a really good-looking town there :-) !

pancerni said...

Very cool project!

Zanazaz said...

That's a great idea!