Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Kobold Konventions for HotT

Hordes of the Things is my favorite fantasy wargame, but like any set of rules it isn't perfect.  And while the new edition of HotT (available in the U.S. from this seller) made one major fix that had already been adopted by gamers for years (switching the movement rates for Shooters and Warbands), there are still some minor issues with the game.

Kaptain Kobold is a longtime HotT player whose now-defunct website The Stronghold was the go-to internet site for Hordes of the Things players.  His new blog, The Stronghold Rebuilt, covers HotT and other games.  And over the years, he came up with a few rules fixes or tweaks for my wargame of choice.

These optional rules, which I hereby designate the Kobold Konventions, give Sneakers a much-needed fix, merge Water Lurkers with regular Lurkers, let Clerics move into close combat with Gods, and have Paladins destroy Fliers just like Heroes can.  In addition, they allow elements to spend PIPs on multiple march moves in big battles.  Finally, there is random terrain placement to make the battlefields more tactically interesting.

These options seem like logical, well-thought out adjustments to make the game more playable and to make it adhere more closely to the various fictional sources that inspired Hordes of the Things.  I want to try the Kobold Konventions in my next game of HotT.


Colgar6 said...

I'd not really thought about it before (we've not encountered most of these situations), but these fixes do seem very appropriate.

Latric said...

Not sure how you had it pictured, but this might fit the bill.

Latric said...

Sorry posted to wrong place. Still getting new account working the way I want.