Sunday, March 2, 2014

Combining GEV scenarios

I had a couple of people over for OGRE/GEV again on Saturday--Rickey, who played last week, and fellow gamer Kerstan.  This time, I wanted to combine two scenarios on one big map.  I set up map G1 for the advanced Breakthrough scenario and connected it to the G2 board for the basic Raid defense, the idea being that once the attackers broke past the defenders on the first map, they would start playing on the second.  Once again, the terrain overlays added to the game, allowing players to tell at a glance that the towns on the Breakthrough map were destroyed and all the bridges were out.
Unfortunately, once we started playing, the attacker only managed a Breakthrough with four GEVs, resulting in a pretty decisive victory for the defender (lesson: don't stack GEVs beneath a howitzer umbrella).  As the follow-on Raid with just four attacking units would have made a quick game--and an unsatisfying one for the understrength attacker--we decided to start the second scenario from scratch, and give the attacker the full 12 GEVs for the basic scenario.
Unfortunately, the attacker had some poor rolls against infantry out in the open.  He was also surprised by some light tanks hiding in the cities where infantry had been concealed in the last game.  The attacker damaged a few town hexes and completely destroyed only one.  While he took out all the light tanks defending the area, those armor units, helped by the infantry and reinforcements, managed to destroy all but one of the attacking GEVs.
We had fun playing, but if I attempt the combined scenario again, I need to give the attacker more GEVs to get off the first map.  Instead of 16 as called for in the advanced Breakthrough scenario, the attacker should have at least 24, and maybe 30 GEVs so that there's something left to conduct the Raid on the second map.  Here's to the next time!


 Ashley said...

Good post, points made taken away for further consideration by myself, which is the highest praise I can give you BTW.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Ashley. I like it when fellow gamers find my posts useful :)

If you try out the combined scenarios with your brand-new copy of the Designer's Edition, let us know how it turns out.