Sunday, July 20, 2014

My HeroScape collection

We're in the process of moving, so I'm having to rearrange and rebox some of my gaming materials.
Behold, all of my HeroScape stuff, meaning the terrain tiles from the first two master sets, the superhero set, the Dungeons & Dragons set, the forest expansion, the jungle expansion, the glacier expansion, and the volcano expansion.
In order to conserve space, I have most of the tiles in a storage bin.  I did keep the two master set boxes out of nostalgia, and I use them to store some of the terrain.  Oh, I also have two castle sets and their boxes.  The figures and additional terrain (trees and ruins) are stored separately, since I use them for other games as well, like D&D or Song of Blades and Heroes
Looking through this stuff, I suddenly have the desire to put together some HeroScape maps.  While it's a fun game in and of itself, I'm also thinking that it could be used for D&D instead of a dry erase board.  Something to consider when I host my next campaign session.


Colgar6 said...

You've just reminded me how much I wanted some of the terrain sets for Heroscape! I'm not prepared to pay the silly prices that these attract on the secondary market, though. It's such a pity that this game is no longer produced

Collin Schrader said...

The launch of HeroScape marked an absolute rebirth of my miniature gaming. Not only because you could find it in non-hobby shops, nor even because of how easy it is to convince and teach someone to play, but the mini industry as a whole was transforming incredibly during those surrounding years. WizKids' Clix games saw a monstrous improvement, D&D Minis hit their stride, and Rackham knocked the Confrontation minis out of the park.

I talk like that happened so long ago, but the landscape today is already so different...

Desert Scribe said...

I was lucky enough to get into the game when it first came out, and I scored at least one of almost everything.

Now I mostly use the minis for D&D, but I may have to set up a game of HeroScape.

Collin Schrader said...

I was lucky in the same way, and further to find a master set in a thrift store for $3! I missed ONE expansion, and it has been darn hard to find at an acceptable price. Didn't bother with the D&D packs.

I, too, use my guys for whatever, and on top of that have converted many, many hundreds of HeroClix characters into HeroScape format, despite working on a deeper superhero skirmish game.