Monday, November 10, 2014

Siege of Monopolis (part 2)

(continued from part 1)

Even though the attackers had lost their mobile command post and quite a few  armor units, they began to advance into the city.
As that happened, the two Ogres were locked into melee.  The smaller cybertank had lost all its weapons that it could have used to hurt the bigger unit, so it was reduced to ramming during overruns.  The Mark V took quite a toll on the Mark III's treads, and it was slowed to a Move of 1.
Meanwhile, the attackers' Luftpanzers had made their way onto the river to wreak havoc from the rear.
Then the attackers began seizing various industrial zones in Monopolis, slowly disabling or destroying the defending armor units, and also setting fire to one of the factory neighborhoods.
Further north, the Mark V began making its way into the city, leaving behind the crippled Mark III, which began inching away from the battle as its self-preservation routines took over its programming.
At that point, it was just a matter of time until the attackers had control of the city.And that's where we were at the four-hour mark, when we agreed to call the game.  The participants said they enjoyed playing, although I know it had to be boring for the defenders once they had lost a lot of their units.  Next time, I think I'll give the defenders a couple more minefields to help them out, and maybe some more troops.
Here's the defending Ogre record sheet, suitably illustrated by the player as it took hit after hit after hit.  It still had four treads left, as it fled for more hospitable territory.
I had fun preparing and running this scenario.  I hope to do it again at a future game convention.


Coach K said...

terrain looked awesome! I think even Steve Jackson would be impressed.

knobgobbler said...

Fabulous looking setup... total eye-candy... AND a fun game on top of it. Success!