Sunday, November 30, 2014

Terminator game at Millcon

The first night of Millenniumcon, I was able to play in a Terminator scenario put on by Coack K and his son, the same folks who ran Battle of Hoth and Predator games at previous conventions.
The setup was a post-Judgment Day ruined city; with the human resistance trying to mess up a Skynet facility before it gets a couple of Hunter-Killer tanks online. The scenery used battery-powered tea lights to simulate fires burning inside the ruined buildings.
I took the side of the machines, running a couple of squads of skeletal Terminators. 
There were several squads of resistance fighters, along with some vehicular support (a couple of Humvees and a mobile missile launcher.  They were easy to target, and easy to destroy.
Meanwhile, another squad of robots was working on getting the big tank running ...
While there was some talk of an aerial H-K and an A-10, air support, however, was absent for each side.

Sir not appearing in this game
Eventually, the Terminators did get the first tank operational.  This was after we had wiped out a couple of human squads, including one led by John Connor himself.
It ended up being a rough night for the humans, who lost several squads and had to deal with an infiltrator squad led by Arnie himself (not pictured).
A fun game as always, and I'm glad I had a chance to participate. 


Ski said...

That's good stuff. Were the rules home-brewed or off-the-shelf?

Coach K said...

Great write-up, Mack! Ski, I was going to use Two Hour Wargames' Chain Reaction rules with the Day of the Scourge supplement. I also have the old Leading Edge rules which I think were the only commercially published Terminator rules. Then literally just a month before the convention, I found this blog I altered the rules quite a bit, but I really liked the overall mechanics. I have both the original rules from Shedwars and my modified ones that I used at the con, just email me coachkropp at gmail dot com and I'll send them to anyone thats interested. Also, Mack forgot to mention he ran away with the door prize as well - Blueray Terminator ;)

Greyson De Saye said...

Hi that is a super Game! Great job Avery nice pictures! Can we post your Super battle Report on our Terminator Wargame ring? We are on Wordpress Terminator wargame. SouthHaven games. Thanks so much.

Desert Scribe said...

Greyson, thanks for the comments. Feel free to repost a few photos from here and provide a link back to this battle report. However, please do not repost this entire writeup with all the photos--I want people to visit this blog for the whole batrep! :)