Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sci fi skirmish at MillCon

In addition to the historical games at Millennium Con, there were a number of scenarios to please sci-fi fans.  One notable setup, from Coach K and his son (who did the Hoth game at Guadacomacon), was called "Contra" and used the Chain Reaction rules.
The scenario involved a U.S. special forces unit out to smash a group of insurgents in Central America.  It was a good looking table, and as you might guess from some of the characters, all was not what it seemed in that steaming jungle...
Zombie games were as popular as ever.  One nice-looking scenario involved a carnival with 28mm figures.
Another table contained a beautiful large setup of hills and valleys, using 15mm minis.
Yet another table held a modern town, and what looked like 20mm figures.  All these games seemed to generate a great deal of interest.
Next: some fantasy games at the convention.

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Sean said...

Some very interesting looking games.