Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gaming plans for the new year

It's time to get back to what inspired me to start this blog: Spaceships. 

I own more starship minis than I will ever be able to get on the table at the same time, so I don't plan on buying anything else.  I do have a few Entomalian ships that I need to get painted.  But my main goal for the coming year is to put on a large (eight-player) scenario using as many of those models as I can, along with all my set dressing: planets, asteroids, space station.  I want to playtest it, run it for the local group, and take it to a game convention.  I want to call it Operation Bug Tussle.

I also want to expand, refine, and run Siege of Monopolis for Ogre again.  I also want to play some D&D, and maybe run a skirmish campaign.  I want to play in a Hordes of the Things campaign.  But most of all I want to just game on a regular basis.

What do you want to do, gaming-wise, in 2015?


Maj. Diz Aster said...

I would like to finish some 15mm scale armies, rebuild my X-Wing Miniatures collection, get a couple of new fleets from Brigade Models and GZG, and play some games - 5150: Battalion Commander, 5150: Star Navy, 5150: Fighter Command, and definitely some Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game ;)

Colgar6 said...

I'm with you on this: more games would be good for me too :-) .

 Ashley said...

X-Wing is definitely going to be on the table this year, along with more OGRE/GEV, and probably Heavy Gear, if the new Blitz Beta rules are fun to play.

Wouter Wolput said...

World of Twilight, Briskars and Heavy Gear are the three games I think of right away.
They are also three different scales (28mm, 54mm and 12mm).

J Womack, Esq. said...

Absolutely more Ogre. Some 15mm sci-fi. More Flames of War. Lots of Arkham Horror (boardgame, but loads of fun). Certainly more In Her Majesty's Name.

Gonsalvo said...

You've put a lot of timer,. effort, and money onto Monopol;is, and it looks to be a good scenario, so by all means ruin it again and tweak as needed.

Ditto the spaceships - tiome for a Starmageddon game with the rule(s) of your choice!

Even all these decades later, D&D is a lot of fun,. and I'd play again if I had a local group that was interested.

HoldFast said...

Bolt Action and Saga are the big new games this year. Also, want to finally complete a Flames of War Army. Hope to play more Lord of the Rings SBG. Also, more Warmaster and Battle of the Five Armies, whew! So many games! And I'd like to try D&D 5th edition.

Ken Warren said...

Here are my gaming plans:
5150: Battalion Commander in 3mm
5150: Star Navy
Mech Attack from Armor Grid Games
Weird WWII - rules TBD, but leaning towards 5Core from Nordic Weasel Games