Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Iron Mountain: Now in 3-D!

I haven't played HeroScape in a looooong time, but I've been thinking about how convenient that game's modular hex terrain system is for even longer.  The hexes that come with this now out-of-production skirmish game are about the same size as the map spaces in Battletech or Ogre--big enough to use miniatures.
So when the urge struck me yesterday, I put together a three-dimensional version of the map for the Ogre scenario Iron Mountain (found in The Ogre Book).  This battle involves an Ogre Mark III-B pursuing a convoy of trucks containing rocket fuel down a narrow mountain road.  The transports are guarded by a handful of conventional units; it's a race to see if the vehicles can get from one end of the road to the other.
This is the only Ogre/GEV scenario I know of that takes line-of-sight into account: the mountainsides block fire, and due to the narrow path, the Ogre can only shoot half of its weapons at any single target.
As you can see, the HeroScape hexes are roomy enough to fit this Ogre Mark III (I unfortunately don't own a III-B in metal) as it chases the slow-moving convoy.
I didn't actually play a game; time and space limitations forced me to break down this map after a short while.  But if I can spark local interest, I'll put this map together again and actually play out the Battle of Iron Mountain.  (By the way, anyone know where I can get some 1/285 trucks suitable for this setting?)


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Great idea! As to where to get 1/285 scale trucks, I would recommend either GHQ's modern military vehicles
specifically soft-skins by nationality, or PFC C-in-C's similar lines

 Ashley said...

Looking good. Dammit that SJG no longer sell miniatures. Just the Ogres would have been enough. IMO they dropped the ball big time on the KS.

Colgar6 said...

Excellent use of the Heroscape tiles (and I'm *so* jealous of some of the pieces you've got there!)

J Womack, Esq. said...

I have quite a few Heroscape tiles, and use them for BattleTech sometimes. Very useful. I wish I had bought more sets when they were all being clearanced at We Be Toys.

And I agree, Ashley - they need to do more metal miniatures. Or resin. Or something. I would about kill for a 15mm resin OGRE Mk. III or III-B.