Monday, February 23, 2015

Some trees and a castle

I recently threw together some terrain for various wargames. Using the remaining greenery from my terrain project for Ogre, I put together a handful of trees or bushes for use with 28mm figures like this Heroscape knight.
I will use them as obstacles/line-of-sight blockers for skirmish games like Song of Blades and Heroes, as well to decorate larger patches of forest or bad going for rules like Hordes of the Things.
Speaking of Ogre, I also had some leftover buildings from my Monopolis city project. I joined three of them together with some air-drying clay to make this piece of scatter terrain for use with sci-fi or microarmor.
Here it is with a Paneuropean G.E.V. for scale. While this structure may seem to small to work with 6mm figures, it scales well with my other Monpolis buildings and will make nice scatter terrain or even a scenario objective.
All I did was press the three castles (originally from a Disney edition of Monopoly) into the clay, The castles had already been sprayed tan, so I just had to paint the clay once it was dry. After that, I added a little bit of flocking to spruce this piece up a bit.
Simple, cheap, and quick--just the way I like to make my own terrain.

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