Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Presenting ... the frankencar

Up until now, I've been pretty conservative with my Gaslands builds: A new paint job, maybe some figures or weapons, but nothing crazy. So, inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road and the kitbashes I've seen on the internet, I decided to cobble together my own automotive chimera. 
Thus, the frankencar, an amalgam of three or four off-brand toys found at the dollar store, all chopped up and smooshed together, like a wasteland mechanic might do. In particular, there's a large muscle car on the bottom, with its intake transferred to the hood of the sedan in the middle (from a pack of three), the cab of an ambulance atop the rig, with the motor from another hot rod in the rear.
It looks a little off to me. Maybe if I detail this vehicle a little more--especially the wheels, which look waaaaaay too new for a post-apocalyptic construct--I will be happier with it. Much like the war rig in Fury Road, I imagine this machine is basically a shell around some powerful engines, meant to haul heavy loads. I guess this means I need to kitbash a trailer next.
Or maybe I could use it as a standalone heavy truck. It's a lot messier than my extant Gaslands vehicles, but it will fit right in with some more units that I'm working on, aiming for a more Mad Max vibe. We'll see.
I don't know if I'm content with the way this came out--I'll have to weather it some more to unify the different vehicle shells before I can decide--but I am glad I attempted it. After seeing the wonderful creations on message boards, websites, and Youtube videos, it's nice to build one of my own, no matter how weird it looks.

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Wouter said...

That's one very unique car. One of my kids looked over my shoulder when I was viewing your creation and he called out: "Cool monstertruck!" I think that describes it perfectly in all the meanings of the word :D.