Monday, June 17, 2019

Some scatter terrain

Some scatter terrain for Frostgrave and other skirmish games. I like these pieces because they are easy for me to paint. We have an altar, suitable for all your evil rituals.
A bookcase, suitable as set decoration or as a scenario objective. I liked using various colors on the volumes filling these shelves.
A statue of Cthulu. Inspired by a couple of mentions on Chris Palmer's All Bones About It, I sought out some color-shifting paint to cover this abomination.
I used color-shifting red and color-shifting blue over a black base and gray drybrush. It may not be as evident in the photographs, but I think this type of paint looks really good on this figure.
Finally, I attempted a greenish marble look for this sarcophagus. It came out very dark, so I drybrushed some lighter green and a linen shade as well.
The lid is removable for your scenario (and looting) convenience.
I hope to get some of this on the table this week, as our group returns to Frostgrave. Anyone else still playing that game?


Gonsalvo said...

Some nice and very useful Dungeon Decor!

Wouter said...

I just read the announcement that Frostgrave 2nd edition is coming.

I've always been more of a Ghost Archipelago fan, but Frostgrave is really cool too.
These look very useful, for Frostgrave and RPG's. My favourite being the green marble tomb which looks ace.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Gonsalvo! It will come in handy going forward.

Thanks for the news about Frostgrave, Wouter! Our group didn't like GA as much, as our Heritors never seemed to use their special powers much.