Sunday, May 17, 2020

Finished Melee/Wizard game board

Greetings, Dear Reader. I hope this blog post finds you well.
I finished up that big game board for Melee/Wizard that I had been working on recently. It's a hex pattern on a 2' x 4' sheet of styrofoam. It's a little bulky to move around, but more convenient then assembling and disassembling HeroScape hexes like I've been doing. Here is the map in all its glory:
With the Wizard arena on one side and the Melee arena next to it, I can run gladiatorial contests or some solo adventures. (Although I noticed once I was done that if I had started my Melee map one hex closer to the edge, I could have had a row of hexes separating it from the Wizard map.) Or I can ignore the hex colors for some larger scenarios of my own devising.
First I think I need to create a few warriors and spell casters and try my hand at Death Test. Or maybe I should start on a different gaming project--wouldn't it be great if I could complete more than one minis-related enterprise with all this time spent at home?

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