Saturday, August 28, 2010

GK errata: build points

Constellation-class attack carrier
While going through the earliest messages on the Galactic Knights Yahoo group (why, no, I don't have a life; thanks for asking) I found a message from the game's author in response to a question from a player.  The author noted the Design Chart I on page 35 of the rulebook contains an error:  The number of build points for a Terran attack carrier should be 230-360 BPs; not 200-300 BPs.  (Actually, based on the ranges of build points for the other ship types, I think the carrier should start at 231 BPs, and the destroyer should start at 46 BPs instead of 45.)

Since the GK rulebook contains other errors, and I don't think there's a single place that has all the corrections, as I come across more errata for the game, I will note it on this blog.  If anyone comes across other errors, please let me know.

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