Monday, August 30, 2010

Scenario: Test of the Ranger

Ranger-class cruiser
The target was the small rebel fleet in Pacifica, on the fringe of the Delta Sector. The Ranger invaded the star system alone, set upon the four star bombers immediately ...  -- Galactic Knights Rulebook, p 39 sidebar

FORCES: The Terran player gets one Ranger-class cruiser. The rebel player gets four Mars-class star bombers (alternately, the rebel player may take four Asp-class Kmet attack frigates or four Hornet-class Nova Liberian star bombers).

SETUP: The rebel ships begin play in the center of the map within 5 hexes of one another, all traveling in the same direction parallel to the map's long axis, 3 hexes ahead of their drift markers. The Terran ship enters from any direction its player chooses, 9 hexes in front of its drift marker. The Terran fleet has the initiative for the opening turn of the game.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Play stops when only one player's ships remain on the map. Note: It doesn't matter if a ship merely drifted off the map and is on its way back to the battle -- if you float away while the other guy's still there, the game ends. Once the encounter is over, tally up the losses on both sides.
  • Four rebel ships destroyed: Unbelievable Terran victory.
  • Three rebel ships destroyed: Decisive Terran victory.
  • Two rebel ships destroyed: Draw
  • One or zero rebel ships destroyed: Terran defeat.
  • Terran ship destroyed: Catastrophic Terran defeat.
PLAYTEST NOTES:  I came up with this scenario after reading the GK rulebook and shared it with the Yahoo group back in 2007.  Go to the next post to see my playtest of this scenario.

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