Monday, August 23, 2010

Hordes of the Things Gameday

Last Saturday, a bunch of us got together for our monthly Hordes of the Things gameday.  HotT, of course is a generic fantasy wargame that is now available for free.  Six of us showed up at Dragon's Lair in San Antonio, and after talking Chip out of working on terrain and into playing, we had a 3-on-3, 72-AP battle.  Johnny had enough Romans for two armies, and I gave him and Chip some high-tech support with my 40K Imperial Army. We took on, Mark's Empire army, Grant's AT-43 UNA troops, and Brian's Mouse Guard army (on the right, below):

Brian deployed his Cleric general in the woods, and my lurker popped up to keep him occupied.  The cleric sent the lurker running, but he reappeared on the other side of the battlefield and took out two stands of spears.  You don't mess with him.

My airboat moves out in front of Chip's Romans, and Grant moves up his flyers in response:

A couple of bounds later, Mark brought his Magician over and sent my airboat recoiling out of control:

It was back-and-forth, but we eventually wore them down, taking out the commander-in-chief for the victory.

Some folks had time for one-on-one games afterward, including Grant's AT-43 troops against Brian's Star Trek crew (with substitute Dr. Who stronghold).


HoldFast said...

Your lurker must die!!!

Desert Scribe said...

Like I said about the lurker: you don't mess with him!