Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interregnum and Revival

Superior Models eventually went out of business, leaving the Starfleet Wars line adrift.  Then, in 1999, the guy who runs the Starship Combat News website found out Superior's distributor had bought the rights [scroll to the bottom of the page] to the whole thing, rules and minis (including the MAATAC ground combat game).  In 2001, Monday Knight Productions made a deal with the new owner to cast and distribute the starship line. The company now sells the entire range of starship miniatures under the name Galactic Knights (it also sells the original MAATAC rules and the ground vehicle minis as well).

Instead of reprinting the old starship combat rules, however, MKP came up with a new game: Galactic Knights.  This rulebook was more granular than the original Starfleet Wars rules, giving each ship specific components that could be destroyed in combat instead of the older game's hits leading to a reduction in allocable resources.  The first book only covered two of the five powers, the Terrans and the Avarians.  In 2006, however, MKP published a fleet book for the insectoids, Entomolian Invasion (complete with different spelling of their name).  Then, in 2009, Monday Knight released an expansion for the felinoids, the Carnivoran Republic Star Forces.  These products are all available right now--and I own a great deal of these starship miniatures.

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