Thursday, September 9, 2010

Galactic Knights blister packs

This may not come as a surprise to some Galactic Knights fans, but I just found out that Monday Knight Productions offered the ships in blister packs for retail sale.  Browsing eBay, I found an auction (now ended) for a lot of miniatures that included some GK ships.  When I looked at the accompanying photos (excerpts posted here with the seller's kind permission), I saw the ships were in retail packaging:
A closer look shows the package includes two Entomolian Locust-class transports and some bases as well:

The blister pack carries a suggested retail price of $12.95:

Looking at some of the earlier messages on the Galactic Knights Yahoo group, some members mentioned ordering GK minis through their local game store. I've ordered online from MKP, and the minis didn't come in a blister pack, so I just assumed the company didn't offer them retail.  I've never seen these for sale in a game store, but it would be neat to stumble across them.

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