Friday, September 10, 2010

Galactic Knights at MillenniumCon

I will be running a Galactic Knights scenario at MillenniumCon 12+1 in Round Rock, Texas this Novermber.  The scenario is one of my own devising, Assault on Regulus IV:
The invasion begins! The Terran Transolar Federation Navy has orders to get its transports to Regulus IV for pacification of the separatist planet. However, the Delta Sector Alliance occupiers have other ideas--and their own space forces. This simple-to-learn, quick-playing starship combat miniatures game involves warships, troop ships, and planetary defenses.
The game will take place Friday, the opening night of the convention (I'm playing in the HotT tournament Saturday morning, all the Saturday afternoon slots were taken, and Saturday evening is too late because I have plans for early Sunday morning--that day is out as well).  The scenario can acccomodate up to eight players, so please join me.

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