Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scenario: Last Mission of the Mainland

Hive-class carrier
BACKGROUND: Desperate times call for desperate measures. The war goes badly, with enemy forces invading Naha, just one jump away from the homeworld. Something must be done to disrupt the landing, so Fleet Command sends the Galactic Dreadnought Mainland to lead a small task force against the enemy fleet. With resources in short supply, the ships have only enough fuel for a one-way trip. The invaders, however, intercept the communication and respond with a carrier group to intercept the task force.

FORCES: The task force consists of one Galactic Dreadnought, one Destroyer Leader, and eight Destroyers. The carrier group includes ten Attack Carriers with standard fighter complements (for Terrans, that's 4 light fighter groups & 6 heavy fighter groups each--10 groups per carrier).

SETUP: The task force enters from the top of the map, each ship three hexes ahead of its drift marker. The carrier group enters from the bottom of the map with all fighters on board, each carrier two hexes in front of its drift marker. Fighters may launch during the first turn. Roll for initiative per the rules.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The task force receives points for every vessel that exits from the bottom edge of the map as follows:
  • Galactic Dreadnought: 100
  • Destroyer Leader: 20
  • Destroyer: 10
The carrier group receives the same amount of points for each task force ship it prevents from leaving through the bottom edge of the map. It loses 1 point for each fighter squadron destroyed and 10 points for each carrier destroyed. Fighter squadrons that exit the map instead of landing on a carrier are considered destroyed. Carriers (with or without fighters) may exit any edge via the bottom half of the map.

If the carrier group obtains at least 100 points more than the task force, it wins.

PLAYTEST NOTES:  I have not gamed this scenario, which by now you have probably guessed is the final mission of the Yamoto with the serial numbers filed off.  It's another one I came up with and shared with the Yahoo group in late 2007.

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